icoMetrix is led by Dr Smeets. The Company provide researchers, medical companies and clinicians access to state-of-the art quantitative image analysis methods by performing the analysis for them. The images are sent over the internet to the icoMetrix servers, analysed by experts, and the results are sent back, either as a report or for interactive review by the customer. Their analysis pipeline builds upon a fertile ground of quantitative image processing algorithms. IcoMetrix will use their library and experience in quantitative image processing algorithms and computing facilities to carry out their objectives for the consortium.


General description icoMetrix offers quantitative biomedical image analysis services. The Company provide researchers, medical companies and clinicians access to state-of-the art quantitative image analysis methods by performing the analysis for them. 
Staff Expertise The research is led by CSO, Dr Dirk Smeets, who obtained his PhD in 2012 on non-rigid 3D shape matching. Dirk Smeets is author on over 25 scientific publications and has won numerous scientific awards.
Key facilities and infrastructure

Image quantification pipelines for DTI (group) analysis, fMRI (group) analysis, resting state (group) analysis, cortical thickness measurements, DSC perfusion analysis, CT bone morphometry, adipose tissue quantification on CT/MR.

Image processing methods (used in the image quantification pipelines) for rigid and non-rigid registration, multi-modal registration, brain masking, bias field correction, atlas construction, anisotropic smoothing, statistical analysis, meshing.

Previous involvement in Research Programmes icoMetrix performs research and contract research in the field of medical image processing algorithms and has attained and completed the icoBias IWT (Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology) project.
Current Involvement in Research Programmes icoMetrix is an active partner in several research projects, such as SuperMRI (IWT) and TRANSACT (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN, starting March 2013). icoMetrix has also attained the ConnecteMetrix IWT project as a preparation for a European project proposal.
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